How To Unlock Bootloader In Realme [All Devices]

Want to know that how to Unlock Bootloader in Realme device?


Then you have come to the right place. Today I will teach you how to unlock your phone. And this tutorial will work for all Realme devices. But do you know what Unlock Bootloader is?

Unlock bootloader is like a hard factory reset that erases all of your personal data, phone settings, third party applications, games, and associated data. And after unlocking the bootloader you will get access from the phone’s administration that has already been locked by the manufacturer.

Generally, mobile manufacturers keep this option locked so that no one accidentally deleted a file. Because if a file is deleted accidentally, there is a possibility that the phone will be dead. But sometimes we need to unlock this option when we want to root, use custom ROM or make flash.


Read Before Unlock

The following things will not happen just by unlocking the phone. But if unofficial custom ROM will be used or if the phone will be rooted, the following things are likely to happen.

  • All data on your phone will be deleted.
  • This test may have an unexpected effect on your device.
  • Due to the use of 3rd party firmware, any function of the mobile may not work.
  • May not get the latest Realme UI updates as a result of using custom functions.
  • Able to get Widevine L3 by removing the Widevine L1.

So take your own risk and go next.


Take the following things before going to unlock your phone.

  • Realme phone with 60%+ charge
  • 1 USB Cable
  • Windows PC or MacBook

You must meet these requirements.

Unlock Bootloader In Realme

We have come to the main point of this tutorial. Read each step very carefully and work for yourself. Remember, any kind of mistake can damage your device.

So be careful and take a full backup of your device first.

Step 1: First download the unlock tool from here and install it.

Step 2: Launch this tool and tap on the “Start applying” button.

Step 3: Tick on the “I have read and agreed to the aforesaid content” option.

Step 4: Press the “Submit application” and wait a few seconds or minutes.

Step 5: After seeing the “Review successful” message, click on the “Start the in-depth test” option. If you select the option, the phone will be rebooted automatically.

Step 6: And you will see the FastBoot Mode message after opening the device.

Step 7: Now download FastBoot tool (Android SDK tools) for Windows PC and MacBook from here.

Step 9: Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.

Step 10: Extract the Zip file that you just downloaded for your PC and open this folder.

Step 11: Copy the address from the desktop top bar now.

Step 12: From the PC search box, type “Command Prompt” and open it.

Step 13: After the user name type “cd”, put a space, and paste the address that you have copied. To understand more see the screenshot.

Step 14: Again paste the address below and use the below command.

– Press “Enter” on your keyboard

– Enter the command: fastboot flashing unlock

– Press “Enter” on your keyboard

Step 15: Take your phone and press the “Volume Up Key” to enable the “Unlock” option.

Step 16: From your desktop enter the “fastboot reboot” command.

Finally, we are successful. Now you have to set up your device such as a new phone has set up by the shop.


I’m not encouraging you to unlock the phone at all.

But this tutorial has been written only for your benefit. So that you can learn how to Unlock Bootloader in Realme in case of flashing or rooting your phone. And I warn you again that you must be 100% careful while doing the job.

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