How To Use Paid Apps For Free Using Lucky Patcher

In this world, everyone has different types of Android or iOS smartphones. And it’s actually part of our life. All are we want to app and games for passing our time. For that, we installed apps or games. You know, there are millions of types of apps in the Google Play Store.


And maximum apps are free, but the free apps have a problem. The app owner does not give you full access to their app. Cause of money. Yes, when you cost your money to buy their app. Then the app owner will give you the full power of access. When you will get the power, you can do anything.

Like you can purchase games coins and gold or you can purchase apps filters etc.

If you have no money, don’t worry about the paid apps. The Lucky Patcher app will give you the same power as the app owner. So, let you know the step that how to install paid apps on an Android device.


How To Use Paid Apps For Free Using Lucky Patcher

  • Download the latest version of the Lucky Patcher application.

While downloading it, Google Play says that the app is not safe to install, just go and install this app. Remember, this app is not a virus or malware. This is not harmful to your Android phone. You can install it by relaxing without any problem.

  • After installed, open the mobile application from your phone’s home.

Inside, you will see a list of applications that are now installed on your device. Here is the one app called, Google Play. Just open it now.

  • Click the Google Play Store for a drop down menu.

In that menu, you will see the Open Menu of Patches. Tap here if you found that. If you do not find that, just search in the other option.

  • Anyway, now you see the option, which called A Patch for Android. Tap it.
  • The new option is here, which is the InApp and LVL emulation.

With this option, you will be able to bypass the payment verification during the app wants to money for giving you the full access of the application. Click here now.

  • After completing this step, reboot your Android device.
  • Now restart your phone.

After opening your phone, go to the Play Store from your app drawer. Before doing that, be sure your Lucky Patcher application is now running in the background. If you do not know how to do runs an app in the background, don’t worry. Just open the app and minimize this Lucky Patcher.

  • Choose the application from Google Play Store that you want to download.

When you want to download a paid app from the store, the program says that pay some amount. Tap on the bottom. When to tap, the Lucky Patcher shows a pop our message that Do you want to try to get this item for free?

  • Without thinking, just click the Yes button.

On clicking the yes button, the payment verification will be replaced by an install option. After seeing that option, click the install button.


Finally, you have installed the paid app on your mobile device with free of cost. Try any other apps which you loved. Remember, Lucky Patcher is not a virus, but when you go to install this application that the Google Play may say, it’s an unsafe app.