VPN Master APK Download v2.2.2 For Android

VPN Master is the best application for hiding your identity on the Internet. Anonymously everywhere spreading your wandering is relatively difficult. But this VPN has made this difficult task easier. Also, in different countries, the government often blocks websites or apps of different types.


So that people in their country cannot access all those blocked things using native Internet Service Provider or ISP. This is a big issue at present. There is currently no way to resolve it. However, you can access all blocked websites or apps using only VPN Master, otherwise, there is no way.

It is such an Android app where people can hide their identity and browse websites on the Internet as anonymous. Also, it has a lite version for people. This does not allow Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, or any other media to collect mango people’s data.

Let’s read a brief description of this VPN Master app from below,

NameVPN Master
Current Versionv 2.2.2
Size14.8 MB
Released25 Feb 2022

Get unlimited proxy and browse any websites anonymously.

As a result, these tech giant companies can’t collect any sensitive data from users to sell to third parties. Even, you can also browse blocked websites or can use blocked apps or games which are currently banned in your country.

VPN Master Features

You may find many types of VPNs only when looking at the Play Store or iTunes. But often you won’t get all the features because of the paid VPN. But this app will give you all the features for free, which are unique from others.

Quickly read the great features from below.

  • No login or registration required
  • User-friendly and it has a great interface
  • Any newbie can use it
  • Provide faster Internet speed
  • Get unlimited bandwidth for free
  • Protect all of your online activities
  • Access blocked websites and apps
  • Use proxy server of any countries
  • No connection disconnected
  • Browse anything anonymously
  • Save your sensitive data or information from theft

If you think this app is perfect after reading all features, download it today and forget about everything else.

How To Download

Like other apps, it is very easy to download. You only need to change a little bit of your phone from the setting to install. A detailed guide is written below which will help you make the job easier.

  1. Enable the “unknown source” option directly from your phone’s settings.
  2. Download VPN Master APK from above, where the latest version of already is shared.
  3. Please wait until the file is fully downloaded. Usually, the time will be more or less depending on your internet speed.
  4. Once downloaded, open the file and click on the install button.
  5. Please wait again for the installation process to complete.

If work is done correctly, you will be able to use it on your phone.


The full meaning of VPN is that Virtual Private Network which is used for browsing any type of website without your real IP, access blocked websites, faster Internet speed, save own information from tech companies.

And by using this VPN Master APK you can do the above tasks as well as you can do the work of SEO by connecting VPN, even Google will not be able to capture your identity.