VPNhub APK Download v3.16.12 For Android

VPNhub APK is a VPN service with a difference. While many VPNs are focused on anonymity and security, it is all about speed. The company claims that its VPN service can offer speeds of up to 60Mbps, which is significantly faster than many of the other VPNs on the market.


This application is available as a free and paid service.

The free service is ad-supported, while the paid service removes the ads and offers a range of additional features, including support for torrenting and a dedicated IP address. VPNhub app is a service from Appatomic, a company that is also responsible for the popular streaming app ShowBox.

VPNhub application is a new, free VPN service that is making a big splash in the VPN world. This service is offered by the well-known Pornhub website, which is probably why it has been so successful so far. It is a great service for people who want to keep their online activities private.

Current Versionv 3.16.12
Size823.1 KB
DeveloperAppatomic Ltd
Released2 March 2022

You can read this article for instructions on how to install the XAPK file.

It is also a great way to bypass censorship and access websites that are blocked in your country.

This app is very easy to use. You simply download the app, open it, and select the country you want to connect to. It will then connect you to a server in that country. This VPN app is currently available for Android and iOS devices. It is also available for Windows and Mac computers.

VPNhub Application Features

It is a great way to keep your online activities private. It is also a great way to bypass censorship and access websites that are blocked in your country. VPNhub is a top-rated VPN service that offers a range of features to its users.

Some of the best features are,

User-friendly interface: This VPN application has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to connect to a VPN server and to navigate around the app.

Multiple VPN protocols: VPNhub supports multiple VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPSec. This allows users to connect to a VPN server using the protocol that provides the best performance for them.

Automatic connection: It can be set to automatically connect to a VPN server when the user logs in to their device. This saves the user time and hassle in having to connect to a VPN server manually.

Server location selection: It allows users to select the location of the VPN server they want to connect to. This allows users to connect to a VPN server in a location that is best suited for their needs.

Connection speed: VPNhub provides a fast and reliable connection to VPN servers. This allows users to browse the internet and use apps with minimal slowdown or buffering.

Unlimited data usage: It does not impose any data caps on its users, allowing them to use the VPN service without worrying about running out of data.

24/7 customer support: It offers 24/7 customer support via email and live chat. This allows users to get help and support whenever they need it.

Military-grade encryption: It uses military-grade encryption to protect user data from being intercepted by third-party entities.

No logging policy: This application does not keep logs of user activity or data. This ensures that user data is kept confidential and cannot be accessed by third-party entities.

Device compatibility: It is compatible with a range of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This allows users to use the VPN service on the devices that they use most often.

Split tunneling: VPNhub app allows users to choose which apps should use the VPN connection and which apps should use the regular internet connection. This allows users to get the most out of their VPN service.

P2P file sharing: It allows users to share files securely and anonymously with other users. This allows users to share files without having to worry about their privacy being compromised.

Ad blocking: It blocks ads and trackers from being loaded on websites. This keeps users’ data private and eliminates the annoyance of intrusive ads.

Server load balancing: It balances the load on its VPN servers, ensuring that all users have a smooth and reliable experience when using the VPN service.

Automatic updates: This app automatically updates its software to ensure that users have the latest security and performance enhancements.


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This VPNhub APK is a good, low-cost VPN service.

This mobile app has a good selection of servers and a reasonable number of countries. The speeds are good, and the software is easy to use. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a lot of features.

Use the app on your device now and enjoy.