WATCHED APK Download v1.6.1 For Android

WATCHED application is the multimedia browser application.

You can easily access all kinds of multimedia content with this entertainment app. For example, you can easily integrate this Android application with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or Apple TV for watching their movies/shows.

It has lots of add-ons for content, media, and functions. Simply put, this app will work as the best content source. Also, this app has all the great features that you can enjoy for free. And there are some features that are currently paid.


The price of the premium version is $24.21 only.

Download WATCHED APK now if you want to use it on your Android phone.

Current Versionv 1.6.1
Size75 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 or above
TasksMultimedia browser
Released7 May 2021

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Currently, more than 100 million users use this WATCHED application.

WATCHED Features

Easy to use: It is relatively easy to use. Because its features or functions have been made much easier for the users. Even if you are a new user, there is no problem, use this app without anyone’s help.

Watch TV channels: The WATCHED app will basically allow you to load the IPTV list so that you can watch live TV channels. You will able to watch TV channels from all over the world by using your smartphone.

Channel’s category: You can find channels of different categories including movies, TV series, sports, cartoons, educational videos, talk shows, magazine shows, news, and magic shows in this multimedia browser.

External media player: Got different types of channels in different categories. Now you can watch them through the video player of this app. Otherwise, you can watch in any external video player such as MX Player, VLC, or Playit.

Awesome video quality: Every user wants to watch videos as shiny as water. But because of the poor quality of videos, many people can’t watch good quality videos even if they want to. But the app has channels with a resolution of 720p, 1080p, 4K quality.

No buffering problem: Whether the internet is slow or high speed, you will never face any annoying problem like buffering. Enjoy the service of the WATCHED application all the time in a bufferless way.

History: When you finish watching a channel, that last played video will be stored in history like YouTube or Twitch. This will allow you to re-watch the last played channel later. It is an awesome feature that people actually love.


For quite some time now I have been looking for a multimedia browser Android application where I can easily watch live cricket, football, and other sports, Netflix movies, and TV series. Basically, looking for a great entertainment platform to spend free time.

At one stage of the search, I found the WATCHED mobile app. Immediately download and install on the phone. In this app, you can first install the bundle or load the IPTV list directly. And since then, live TV channels can be enjoyed.

So, after loading the IPTV I got several popular channels. Notable among which is BBC World, CNN, Netflix, Disney, Cartoon Network, HBO, ABC, Reuters, EuroNews, Aljazeera, GTV, CTV Network, and many more others.

Needless to say, there is a WATCHED premium version of this entertainment platform, where you can buy their pro service for a whole year for €19.95 and enjoy the ad-free, smooth, and reliable service.


Every person wants to spend their time happily.

Entertainment is a kind of happiness. And the latest version of this WATCHED app is the only one giving happiness, where we can watch out favorite live TV channels, shows, sports, news for free.

And hopefully, you have already downloaded this mobile application to your Android device. And have started to enjoy it.