WhatsApp Linked Devices Feature Is Now Available For Android

WhatsApp Linked Devices feature is now available for Android users and is coming for iOS users.

Previously WhatsApp account could only be used on one mobile device. Could not be used simultaneously on multiple devices. If someone logs in to WhatsApp on his other device, it is automatically removed from the previous device.

As a result, no one could access their own or anyone else’s account.

But with this new WhatsApp Linked Devices feature, users will be able to easily connect WA account with their browser, computer, or Facebook portal. This way, users don’t have to remove the account from another device.

This new user interface (UI) will actually be used for multi-devices.

This feature will allow you to send direct messages, audio/video calls to anyone from any device. When another person will text or call you, WhatsApp authorities will send notifications to all your linked devices at the same time.

Already this mobile application has launched many more features aimed at their users including disappearing messages, mute messages, web calls, and will come up with more new features in the future.

This chatting app has already won the love of many users with new features. In continuation of which this time this WhatsApp Linked Devices feature has been released.

People who are using the version have already started enjoying this feature. Again, there are many who have not yet been able to enjoy this feature. But there is no reason to worry about it.

Update the latest version of your WhatsApp app from the Play Store. If you still don’t get the feature after updating, wait a few days.