WhatsApp Xtract APK Download v2.3 For Android

WhatsApp Xtract APK will help you to backup WA chats, photos, videos, call records, etc. completely free to get access to them later. Once you take backup, you will be able to read older conversations without getting any kind of problems.


Suppose your account has accumulated a large number of files. This is why you have to spend a lot of time looking for something old things. But when you will use the WhatsApp Xtract app, you can easily find everything in one second.

Fabio Sangiacomo has created and released it in 2012.

If you also want to backup your inbox message as well as others and want to be able to read your chats again using a backup file even if you delete everything from the official version, download WhatsApp Xtract latest version on your device.

NameWhatsApp Xtract
Current Versionv 2.3
Size1.8 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.4 +
DeveloperFabio Sangiacomo
Released18 Nov 2021
Latest Version

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It can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

WhatsApp Xtract Features

Although there are many types of tools available in the market for this purpose. But in fact, this mobile application provides many different features and functions for the users. Below is a shortlist of features so that you can understand what you’ll get.

Read and know everything about it.

  • Take a useful backup of WA chats, photos, videos, and others
  • Search for any type of old messages without any hassle
  • Read WA chats from the backup file after deleting from the official version
  • Get access to older messages without refreshing the Load Older Messages
  • Delete any chats from the original app without losing old conversations
  • Safe, secure, legal, and fully free to use on Android and desktop or laptop

More features will be added here near future.

You can also take a backup from the Purple WhatsApp and Brown WhatsApp tools to extract later if you want. All in all, the latest WhatsApp Xtract application will give you maximum benefit so that you have hard evidence of all kinds and everything.

How To Use WhatsApp Xtract

Due to the complexity of the functions of the tool, many new users have run into various problems while using it. Below is a small helpful guide or tutorial to get rid of those problems. This will let you know exactly how to use this tool.

By the way, let’s get started now.

1st Step: Download WhatsApp Xtract APK, install, and launch it.

2nd Step: Copy the WA database from /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases/msgstore.db and wa.db.

3rd Step: Extract this archive on Xtract file to a certain folder on your computer, for example, C:\WhatsApp.

4th Step: Copy the database to C:\WhatsApp.

5th Step: Install Python on your Windows PC.

6th Step: Now run the application.

7th Step: Open it and read all the chats.

Finally, you’ve learned the full guide.

Ending Station

Many people want to keep a backup for conversation messages.

If you want to also, you can download and install WhatsApp Xtract APK on your Android smartphone or computer to take a backup of your WA chats, videos, photos, audio, or any type of files. After that, you can extract and read them later.

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