WiFi Protector APK Download v1.1.32 For Android

WiFi Protector APK is basically a security tool that can be used to secure wireless network connections. Using this, easily track who is actually using your network without your permission and you can prevent those unwanted people if you want.


It works like a thief detector. More than 5 million people are using this WiFi Protector app on their Android, iOS, and Windows devices to detect unauthorized users. Using it, they easily see the MAC address of users and can block them.

This tool is developed and published by Speed Checker Ltd.

You can now download WiFi Protector APK to Android, iPhone, or computer to see those users’ information who are connected to your Wi-Fi network. This mobile application is fully free, safe, secure to use and there is no premium version.

NameWiFi Protector
Current Versionv 1.1.32
Size6.3 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.1 +
DeveloperSpeed Checker Ltd
Released28 Nov 2021

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Provide also the best security to prevent the leak of passwords.

WiFi Protector Features

Many advanced features and simple functions have been added to this mobile tool. This way when a person will use this application on his or her phone, s/he can easily enjoy the features as well as manage any settings without any hassle.

By the way, read some of the features now.

  • It’s easy to use because of the simple user interface and function
  • Scan and find unwanted user’s device name and mac address
  • Block unwanted users permanently so that s/he can’t use your network
  • Limit a certain number to connect to your Wi-Fi to avoid thieves
  • It is completely safe and secure to use as there is no malicious code

Many more features will be added here in the near future.

You can also use the WiFiKill to block unwanted users and can use the Network Spoofer to prank with those users who are connected with your network. Or you can only use the latest WiFi Protector application to manage your wireless network.

How To Block Others From Using Wi-Fi

There are a lot of tools available to steal Wi-Fi passwords. If someone steals your network, you should block them. If you do not know how to find them and block them, don’t worry at all.

Because you will now learn how to this task more easily.

Let’s get started now,

1st Step: Download WiFi Protector APK and install it.

2nd Step: Launch the app and click on the Start button.

3rd Step: Go to the Device section now.

4th Step: View the Device Name and Mac Address and find out who is the unwanted user.

5th Step: Click on that user who did not take your permission.

6th Step: Tap the Block button.

That’s it. You can block anyone using this way.

Hope, the above guide will help you a lot.

Finishing Part

There are currently a lot of Wi-Fi users around the world.

But if someone uses your own Wi-Fi without any kind of permission or money contribution, this is a bad thing. If someone steals your network and browses the internet, you should use WiFi Protector APK to monitor them and block them.

You do not have to pay any charges as it is free.