WiFiKill APK Download v2.3.9 For Android

WiFiKill APK is basically a tool that can be used to find those users who are connected to your WiFi network. Not only that, but you will also be able to get all the user’s information such as downloading, browsing history, and a lot of things.


From this WiFiKill app since you’ll get all kinds of information including the MAC address of all users, so you’ll know exactly who has been added to your network with your permission and without your permission.

Also, be able to spy on everything what they are doing.

It can be used on Android phones and Tablets. If you want to use it on your mobile device also like others, download WiFiKill latest version from below completely free. Since it is fully free to use, so you don’t have to buy any premium packages.

Current Versionv 2.3.9
Size485 KB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 or up
DeveloperParanoid Forum
Released18 Nov 2021

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It is developed and published by Paranoid Forum.

WiFiKill Features

A number of advanced features have been used in this mobile application so that when any new user will use it, s/he will be able to enjoy all kinds of features. A number of items have already been added below for your convenience.

Read before using it on your phone.

  • Easy user interface and awesome graphics
  • Find users are connected with your network
  • Get usage data, downloading histories, and browsing histories
  • Quickly kick other users from your connection
  • Select them who can stay on your Wi-Fi connection
  • Run the application in the background without blocking problems
  • It is completely free to run on mobile phones and tablets
  • Fully safe and there is no virus or malware issue

Looks like you liked all the features.

It is similar to the NetCut, TuxCut, Arpwatch, elmoCut, ABM Net Protection, CSArp, etc. tools. At the same time, you can also use the latest WiFiKill application on your Android mobile to get all the user’s information and data.

How To Use WiFiKill

Not only do you need to download or install the mobile application, but you also need to know how to use it in the proper way. If you do not know how to use it, don’t worry anymore. Because in this regard I have shared a guide below for you.

Let’s read the tutorial now,

First Step: Download WiFiKill APK and run the app.

Second Step: Tap the Play button to see a list of all current users of the same network.

Third Step: See the names, data usages, and browsing histories of theirs.

Fourth Step: Kick them from your network or keep them if you want.

Fifth Step: Do the same process every time until finding something wrong.

That’s it.

Finally, you learned how to check the other user’s data easily.

Last Station

Already got all the information about this tool.

So, if you haven’t downloaded it to your mobile yet, I’d recommend downloading and installing WiFiKill APK on your Android device now. And use it to find out who is connected to your Wi-Fi and what they are actually doing.

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