Google Camera Can Now Be Used On Any Xiaomi Device

The latest version of Google Camera can now be used on any Xiaomi device.

Google Camera runs on Google’s Pixel smartphones which running Android 10 and above. Also runs on just a few other company phones. And in most cases, this Android app does not support all devices.

But for the awesome feature of this app, especially the night mode feature, almost everyone wants to use this camera application on their phone. Users have nothing to do even if they want to.

Exactly in that context, the senior developer called Urnyx05 of XDA Developers has come up with a new version of Google Camera. 8.1 is the new version of this amazing camera application.

The latest version will run not only on Xiaomi phones but on almost all Android OS phones. But it won’t work properly on some Samsung, OnePlus, and Snapdragon-845 powered smartphones.

Below are some of the new features you’ll enjoy,

  • Color has been improved for Mi Note 10
  • Synthetic Fill Flash can be disabled anytime
  • Motion options can be enabled and disabled
  • An option put for disabling auto night sight on portrait and photo
  • Color correction bugs have been fixed

And many more features are available now in the latest version.

So download this Google Camera now to your Android phone and enjoy your photographic life.