Users Can Now Enjoy YouTube Music Animated Thumbnails

Users can now enjoy YouTube Music animated thumbnails while scrolling.

Users can usually decide whether to watch the video by viewing the animated thumbnail. It basically saves their time. Although this feature was available on platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Play Store, Instagram, etc.

But YouTube Music app users have not been able to enjoy this feature for so long.

But from now on users of this YT Music application users will be able to enjoy this feature very easily. However, for this, they have to install the latest version of this app from Google Play Store.

Animated thumbnails will only be shown for music videos. It will not appear in any type of song album art. On the other hand, you can turn off this feature from the settings at any time if you want.

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It is worth mentioning that iOS users are the first to get the YouTube Music animated thumbnails feature.

And then YouTube authorities also made this feature available to Android users.

People will see the video animated thumbnails while they are scrolling in the YT Music app’s Home or Explore tabs. This feature will help them to take a quick decision about whether they should watch the video or not.

So, update your application from the Android app store and enjoy this feature now. And if you don’t like it, then you can turn off it from the app’s settings.