Is YouTube Vanced Safe Or Not?

Lots of people have confusion about that is the YouTube Vanced safe or not.


Don’t worry if you have the same question. Cause, from this article, you will get the perfect and real answer. First of all, the YouTube Vanced Android application is a modified version or unofficial upgrade version of the original YouTube.

Since it’s a mod version, so it’s not available on the Google Play Store due to some of the reasons. This is why most people think that this video-sharing platform may not be safe, that the app has virus or malware code, etc. But it’s actually not.

YouTube Vanced Safe Or Not

Vanced application is a completely safe, secure, legal, and trusted Android app.


It does not carry viruses or malware that will harm your mobile. You can use it on your smartphone without any problem. Millions of people are using this social media platform on their devices and still, they didn’t face any kind of problem.

But before downloading or installing this app, you must keep one thing in mind.

And that is, always download this app from a trusted website. For example, you can download this app from this MineRev website if you want. To this, you can find the app from the search box.

Otherwise, you can download it by clicking on the above anchor link.


Personally, I am using this application on my phone for the last 2 years. And still, I didn’t face any kind of problem. Even, I also get the benefit to use this platform to watch videos without ads.

At the same, I use it to listen to YouTube music in the background and do the rest of my work. Since this YouTube Vanced is a safe application overall, so use it now.

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