Zombies in Plants vs Zombies Game

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game developed by PopCap Games. It is the most successful game of this genre in the world and it has some of the most popular characters like Crazy Dave, Sunflower, Cactus, Peashooter, Chomper, and others that are now well-known to players of the game. A list of Zombies in Plants VS Zombies is given below.


Each character has its own unique personality, appearance, and characteristics. In this article, we will talk about some of the zombie characters in the Plants vs Zombies game.

NameImageHealthDamage Per SecondCharacteristics
Zombie181100It is simply a normal zombie in plants vs zombies game.
Flag Zombie181
100Flag zombie moves at a faster speed and gives a signal of the huge incoming wave. It can also be customized with zombatar.
Conehead Zombie551, 370100As the name shows cone on the head means it uses a cone to protect itself from the enemy.
Pole Vaulting Zombie335100It is a vaulting zombie, which means it can jump and also poles into the plant.
Buckethead Zombie1281100Buckethead zombie uses the bucket to protect themselves from high damage. It can also attract toward a magnet-shroom.
Newspaper Zombie331100It is also called a shield zombie. At first, it moves at a slow speed but in the second run, it moves at a fast speed. It usually grunts when its newspaper got destroyed.
Screendoor Zombie1281
100The screen door is the one thing that can keep zombies from getting to your plants. Further, this unique plant forces them back, and if they’re not affected by snow peas.
Football Zombie1581100It is a headwear zombie which moves at a fast speed and is very durable. Its helmet can be easily removed via magnet shroom.
Dancing Zombie335100It looks similar to Michael Jackson. It dances when it moves and also summons a backup dancer.
Backup Dancer181100Dances while moving into a group of four. It can also be re-summoned by a dancing zombie.
Ducky Tube Zombievaries
100It shows into the pool. It has multiple zombie variations like conehead, Buckethead, flag, or zombotany.
Snorkel Zombie181
100Its function is to eat plants that swim underwater. They can’t stand light, so they don’t appear anywhere except in dark places like Zombiquarium!
InfiniteAs the name itself is showing its working it rides a zomboni and crushed the plants.
Zombie Bobsled Team1024100The Zomboni is a unique creature that only appears on an ice trail left by the Zomboni. It will move in groups of four, and when their bobsled reaches its end they get off to walk normally like any other.
Dolphin Rider Zombie335
100Like a vaulting zombie and also jumps. The dolphin disappears when it jumps.
Jack-in-the-box Zombie335
100These zombies are the fastest and most agile of all. They can run twice as fast with an exploding jack-in box on their side, making them dangerous to catch.
Balloon Zombie201100Floats gracefully over the ground, protected from below. However, it can still get blown away by Blowers and popped with no problem whatsoever due to its vulnerable balloon which sits right above.
Digger Zombie281
100The Diglett appears on the left side of your lawn and begins to eat away at any defenses you might have in place. It’s vulnerable only when armed with a weapon like Magnet-shroom or Gloomshire.
Pogo Zombie335100Like other vaulting zombies, it can also jump but on multiple times. Magnet shroom can be used to remove its pogo stick.
Zombie Yeti901100This yeti zombie when not get killed runs away quickly. It only appears in the game from level 4 to level 10.
Bungee Zombie450InfiniteThe plant steals a random position or drops the zombies. The umbrella leaf offers protection for its surroundings with this ability.
Ladder Zombie835100The Shield zombie is a rather interesting beast. It has the ability to attach its ladder with defensive plants so that other zombies can go over them without being hurt themselves.
Catapult Zombie65175Advances towards the next plant, until it is out of basketballs or if there are no more plants left in its path then moves on to crush whatever lies ahead.
InfiniteThe lawnmower is a two-time killer. It takes about 30 seconds to kill plants, but it can immediately dispatch an Imp thrown right after being damaged.
Dr. Zomboss39999InfiniteIt is a boss as well as has double health.


Here is a list of non-almanac zombies. Their name along with their characteristics are given below;

NamemageFirst SeenDamage per secondCharacteristics
Trash Can ZombieSurvival Mode, Co-op Mode, Versus Mode100The shield zombie is a little more durable than the usual zombies, but it moves about as quickly. You can find them only in console versions or on DS.
Target ZombieVersus Mode0It only shows when there is a versus mode. Plants also need to kill 3 of these.
Peashooter ZombieZombotany13.3As the name itself tells about it. It also shoots peas on the plants and appears in zombotany.
Wall-nut ZombieZombotany100It possesses a high amount of damage in it. It can also appear in Zombotany.
Gattling Pea ZombieZombotany 253It shots four peas at once on the plants. Also, appears in zombotany.
Tall-nut ZombieZombotany 2100This is one of those rare enemies that only appear in ZomBotany 2. They’re easy enough to kill with a few well-placed potatoes or squashes, but it will take about two instant kills if you want them gone quickly.
Jalapeno ZombieZombotany 2100The Explode plant phenomenon only occurs in ZomBotany 2.
Squash ZombieZombotany 2InfiniteThe first plant it comes near is squashed, and the zombie moves faster than a normal one. Also, a particular type only appears in ZomBotany 2!
Giga-Football ZombiePlants vs. Zombies Web Version and Plants vs. Zombies: Social Edition100The Gargantuar is not only a powerful but also a famous monster in Plants vs Zombies Web Version. It has the same health as gargantuan.
Baseball ZombieHomerun DerbyVariesIt only appears in the home run derby.

Here is a list of Zombies with their specific characteristics. You can also play Plants vs Zombies part 1 or Unkilled by downloading its APK version from here. 



Plants vs. Zombies is an action-adventure game developed and published by PopCap Games. It features a cell-shaded graphic design, and new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to play as a zombie on some levels. Following the success of Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap announced Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

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