I am currently working tirelessly on the back of this https://minerev.com/ website. I live in a corner of a country in the world.

Along with a private job, I often write on this website about WordPress, blogging, making money online, digital marketing, apps review, and technology news.

My goal is to slowly cover all the topics of my niche through writing. The main task of this site is to help visitors, who actually want to learn something new.

And hopefully, I will reach my goal. Not very fast, but definitely.

About MineRev

The main purpose of choosing this domain name is to write content through my own practical experience and research so that any visitor will get the results they expect.

So you can trust this website.

MineRev is basically an English website, where people get tutorials and reviews about digital marketing and technology for free. This site has originally designed for new bloggers.

And their purpose is to provide different types of content at different times.

And finally, thank you for staying connected with me and this site.