Article Forge Review 2023 – Pricing, Pros & Cons & Alternatives

People around the world always look for ways to make their work procedures more efficient and quicker. Writers and people having their own blogs are in the right boat as new technology is here to help make their work MUCH quicker. Artificial Intelligence has had significant developments in the past few years and the results of all were quite promising. Some special tools like Article Forge were especially outstanding.


Article Forge is a tool that uses AI in a unique way to write articles that are both SEO-optimized and match human quality. Many bloggers have adapted this tool for their writing purposes after seeing its initial results. Article Forge is designed to help people generate articles much faster and cheaper.

Article Forge is leveraged with plenty of amazing features like bulk article generation. Its ability to insert images and videos is also quite helpful as it saves time and effort. Apart from all this, Article Forge also has plenty of other features which we will be discussing in this article.

The pricing of Article Forge consists of two plans which you can pay for on a monthly or a yearly basis. The first plan is their Standard plan which is customizable in a great way. You can choose between a monthly word count of 24K to 500K. The second plan is made for enterprises and large businesses.


Stick around till the end of this article for a comprehensive review of Article Forge and its pricing plans. We also discuss the pros and cons of Article Forge along with a few alternative AI tools.

What is Article Forge?

Before diving into the details, we need to answer this simple question; what is Article Forge? It’s a tool that listens to your commands and writes whatever you ask it to. The way it works is simple; it has been trained on a large amount of data which it learns from. And it uses that knowledge to write articles for you.

Article Forge has been at the forefront of AI writing tools. Mainly, because of how well it replicates human writing techniques. It is almost impossible for a human to differentiate between Article Forge’s writing and human writing these days. Article Forge also writes articles that are optimized with SEO techniques.

If you want to generate hundreds of articles in a single day, Article Forge will help you with that. The procedure of using Article Forge for writing is pretty simple. Simply, put a keyword or title into Article Forge’s software. And then wait for it to generate your article. It usually takes less than 60 seconds to write a nice article. Longer articles might take a bit longer than 1 minute.

Article Forge Pricing

Now we all know that every valuable thing has a price, and so does Article Forge. But Article Forge’s pricing is much cheaper in comparison to most of its competitors. Additionally, the flexibility in customization of their plans allows you to choose a plan that truly suits your requirements.

Article Forge offers two pricing plans that have different payment options. The first is their general plan which anyone can customize according to their needs. While the second plan is the Business one which only those should get who need a high number of resources.

Details of both of Article Forge’s pricing plans are provided below:

Article Forge Standard Plan

This is the first plan offered by Article Forge and it includes a variety of customizable options. The first customization you can do is choose the number of words you want to include in your plan. The starting price of Article Forge’s standard plan is only $27 per month. But hold on, you can reduce this price to only $13 a month & get discount on article forge tool by using latest coupon codes for articles forge. In fact, the Article Forge coupon will give you a massive 51% discount on all of their pricing plans.

The following are some key details about this plan of Article Forge:

  • You have to pay only $13 per month with the coupon for 25K words
  • For 100K words, you pay only $27 a month
  • If you increase the monthly words to 250K, you will have to pay $57
  • Now, the final plan of 500K words will cost you $127 every month

Article Forge Business Plan

The business plan of Article Forge is also customizable. This plan does not work like the Standard Article Forge plan. You have to contact their team if you want to purchase this plan. They will ask you for your requirements like word limits and user numbers. Once you tell them this information, they will tell you a customized price for your plan. Just like the other Article Forge plans, you can choose to pay on a monthly or a yearly basis. The yearly plan will bring you discounts.

Some key features of the Business plan are given below:

  • This plan allows you to have multiple users included
  • The word limit starts from 500K words a month and keeps growing
  • You get a dedicated account manager for multiple users
  • The article output is also increased with this plan

Article Forge Pros & Cons

Everything has its own positives and negatives, this section of our article will discuss the different pros and cons of Article Forge. Article Forge may not seem to be an industry-leading tool, but after looking at its features and positives, the perspective changes. Additionally, it has comparatively lower cons than many of its competing AI writing tools.

The following are the pros and cons of Article Forge:


The pros of Article Forge range from generating faster articles to making these articles SEO-friendly. If we have to talk about all of the pros of Article Forge, the list might become too long. Their incredible features like image and video insertion give them a variety of pros. Moreover, these features make the positives of Artickle Forge dominate over its negatives.

A list of the pros is given below:

  • Article Forge is cheaper than most AI writing tools (Only $13)
  • It offers coupon codes with over 50% discounts
  • Article Forge can write articles longer than 1500 words
  • It has a 60 seconds article delivery rate
  • Article Forge optimizes your articles for SEO


We all know that not even the best tools can be all that perfect. Article Forge, with all its positives, has its negatives as well. Though, not many tools have fewer negatives than this AI super writer.

The following is a list of their cons:

  • It only has 2 pricing plans
  • No free access
  • No discount on monthly plans

Article Forge Alternatives

We have discussed only Article Forge in this article so far. However, if you are looking for a different tool that might do the job of Article Forge as well, we will tell you about a few alternative tools that you can buy.

Not many tools can replicate the quality of Article Forge’s writing, but some do with either expensive plans or lesser resources in their plans. Gear up to learn about 3 tools that you can buy instead of Article Forge.

1. Jasper ($39)

The first tool that can replace Article Forge is Jasper. It is quick to respond and easy to use. Jasper can be your virtual assistant who can play the role of a super writer. Some key details about this tool are listed below:

  • Its starting price is $39 per month
  • Jasper has 3 pricing plans
  • You can pay monthly and yearly
  • Jasper also has pre-set writing templates
  • It can understand the human conversation as well

2. Sudowrite

The second tool which can be used as an alternative to Article Forge is Sudowrite. It is more of a storytelling tool that is used by news agencies. Sudowrite is trusted by big publishing agencies as well. Some of its details are provided below:

  • Sudowrite’s starting price is $19 a month
  • It has 3 pricing plans for different types of people
  • Sudowrite can write an entire book
  • The payment can be made monthly and yearly
  • It also has additional sub tools

3. WordAi

This is a slightly different tool but still very useful for generating articles. WordAi is a rewriting tool powered by AI. You have to provide it with a sample and it will make tons of unique copies for the same article. It is discussed below:

  • Its starting price is only $9 per month
  • You get sentenced and phrase-level rewriting
  • Fewer chances of AI detection
  • Bulk rewriting
  • API Acess


AI is becoming more and more strong day by day. With such rapid advancement, tools like Article Forge are becoming better at their craft. Article Forge allows you to be independent of hiring human writers. Which is costly and time-consuming.

We reviewed Article Forge and what it can do in this article. The different pricing plans along with their pros and cons were also discussed. Additionally, we talked about different tools which can be used as alternatives for Article Forge.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you require and what is your budget. Article Forge can be a cheaper alternative to hiring human writers. Have a look at its details in this article and then decide.

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