Bitdefender APK Download v3.3.162 For Android

Bitdefender is a powerful application that is used as an antivirus for mobile security. For your Android phone, it is a great protector against viruses, malware, and online threat. The amazing matter is that it keeps your private information and data safe and secure from dangerous hackers.


Overall, the Bitdefender app is an ideal mobile security tool as it has an excellent malware detection system. At present time, people hugely rely on mobile for personal, professional, and business purposes. But, overuse of mobile internet makes your device vulnerable as there is a chance to enter online threat.

It must damage and destroy your files and folders. In this circumstance, you lose your important documents and information. So, in this case, antivirus keeps a vital role to save your device. Bitdefender is such an effective and strong antivirus that helps to protect you from unsafe malware.

Bitdefender application is safe, bugs-free, and legal. It doesn’t carry any harmful virus itself. Besides, it is legitimate for the users as it followed all international rules and regulations to design and run. So, users do not face any hassle with the above issues.

Current Versionv 3.3.162
Size54 MB
Released20 Feb 2022

Download and install the application now.

Features and Functions of Bitdefender App

It is similar to the Avast Antivirus and has a lot of features and functions. For your convenience, I have already discussed below some of the features and functions. Since you are very interested to know them, I would recommend you look down.

  • Improve your device’s security and protection from the unwanted online threat
  • Getting notification and alert when any threat attacks and show red marks
  • Cloud-based service
  • Scan individually different files folders
  • Having an Immunized USB storage drive
  • Detect dangerous links, apps, tools, games
  • Clean the device and restore to make the device fresh and speedy
  • Include security widget for file analysis and measure

The most interesting thing is that using this app is completely free.

How To Install Bitdefender App For Free

You can now easily download and install this antivirus application on your device without getting any kind of error. If you do not know how to get this, don’t worry. I have shared a powerful guide or tutorial here for you where you will learn.

Let’s learn how to download and install this app,

Step 1: Directly, go to the Phone Settings and scroll down to find the Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Tap and activate the option to install any type of third-party application or game.

Step 3: After completing this task, download Bitdefender APK on your Android or iOS mobile or tablet device.

Step 4: Since it will take some time to download, wait.

Step 5: Once the file has been downloaded completely, open it from the notification bar and tap the Install option.

Step 6: You can now launch the application to use it for free.

That’s cool.


Already got a lot of information about this antivirus.

In short, Bitdefender APK is a fantastic antivirus that improves the security system of your Android device. So, you can install and keep safe from the online threat as it is a fast, powerful and easy solution. It is also 100% free to use on an Android device.

Use the application to protect your mobile device.