FGO JP APK Download v2.40.1 For Android

FGO JP APK full meaning is Fate/Grand Order which is a Japanese mobile game that is developed by Delightworksusing Unity and published by Aniplex Inc on 30 July 2015. It is a role-playing single player game for Android and iOS.


This FGO JP game provides 3 canon chapters for their players. The chapters are Observer at the Timeless Temple, Epic of Remnant, and Cosmos in the Lostbelt. You’ll get different levels of taste from each chapter of the game.

Over 1.26 million Japanese players play this game monthly.

If you are from Japan, you can play the Japanese version. Or if you live in another country, download FGO JP latest version from below for the English version. By playing this animation game, you can enjoy the whole of your time.

Current Versionv 2.40.1
Size37.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.1 +
GenreRole Playing
DeveloperAniplex Inc
Released25 Nov 2021

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It has an epic and magnificent story told in more than a million words.

FGO JP Features

In this Android or iPhone mobile game, you will be able to find all kinds of features that are not available in any other game. You must read all these features and functions before playing it on your device.

Then look down now without delay.

And read all kinds of features.

  • Unlimited Saint Quartz and Friend Points game currency
  • Get access to all the Servants to train for the next battle
  • Collect powerful Mystic Codes to boost Servants’ effects
  • Level up power and relationship of Summon Heroic Spirits
  • All the three canon chapters are fully unlocked to test
  • Win every match and tournament without getting any hassle
  • 100% safe and secure to play on Android and iOS

Always use the latest or updated version to enjoy new features.

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Fate/Grand Order or FGO JP Gameplay

First of all, download FGO JP APK or Fate/Grand Order APK from the above.

In this game, your role will be a Master of a team and you’ve to command a group of individuals called Servants. These Servants are historical, literary, and mythological figures from different types of cultures. You’ve to train them for battle.

You can command 6 Servants in each battle where there will be 3 active members and 3 reserve members. There will be 5 cards (Buster for heavy attack, Arts for medium attack, Quick for light attack, etc.) for each Servant that you can use.

Earn or buy Saint Quartz (game currency) with real money to call new Servants and give them additional and powerful effects. You can also gain Friend Points (another game currency) easily to boost the Servant’s Noble Phantasm.

Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based strategic RPG game that has visual novel elements.

Final Station

Already you read the gameplay and hope you liked it.

If you do not download the game yet, download and install FGO JP APK from here to your Android or iOS smartphone. And play it completely free. Since it is fully a Japanese game, so you will get a feel of the Japan country and anime easily.

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