Free Grammarly Premium Accounts [Username and Password]

If you need a free Grammarly premium account for yourself, then you are in the right place.


To help many people, I have shared email address or username and password of several premium accounts in this article that you can use for yourself. And enjoy all kinds of premium features of this productivity tool completely free.

Most bloggers, writers, teachers, students, and many other types of people usually use a variety of writing tools to write, so that any mistakes in the writing can be corrected. And among those tools, this Grammarly is very popular now and the features are more.

But the free version of this tool does not have many features, which is why most people want to use the free Grammarly premium version. So, many pro accounts have been provided free of charge keeping in mind their needs.


Use Grammarly premium free account username and password from below now,

NameGrammarly Premium
Pro FeaturesYes
Email/Username or PassYes
Updated1 Day Ago

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Grammarly Premium Features

Read some of the most useful features of this writing tool.

Spelling: You have written a word but are confused as to whether the spelling is correct or incorrect. The spelling feature will help you to correct words for this problem. At the same time, if the spelling is wrong, a red underline will appear below that word.

Grammar: It is the responsibility of this grammar feature to decide which grammar will be perfect with a sentence. If you have a weakness in Tense, there is no reason to worry. Now you will be able to write 100% accurate sentences with proper grammar.

Punctuation: You can easily determine exactly where a comma or full stop (punctuation) will fit in a sentence.

Tone adjustments: Tone adjustments is one of the best features of Grammarly premium writing tool. The function of this feature is to make the sentence good with the easiest and good words and feel comfortable to read.

Add team member: Suppose you are a writer or a teacher. Right now you want to share this tool with other members or students, in which case you can add members to the account easily.

Plagiarism detection: Wrote a great article or content with a lot of effort. Now, this tool’s job is to check if your content is matching with any other writer’s content. In the same way, you can check other people’s writing plagiarism with this feature.

Integrate: Users can easily use the Grammarly premium tool on their Microsoft Word, Slack, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, Gmail, Zoom, Google Chrome, or anywhere.

And many more features are available on this tool.

How To Use Free Grammarly Premium Account

Let’s learn how to use the Grammarly premium free without any cost.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Grammarly browser extension first.

Step 2: Now, sign up using Gmail or any random email.

Step 3: Once the sign up is complete, log out of your free account.

Step 4: Now login again using the premium account which you got from here.

That’s enough, now enjoy the premium version of this writing tool and boost your writing skill.

However, if you want you can also purchase it from their official website, where you have to buy the Grammarly premium for $29.95/m for one month, or $19.98/m for a quarterly subscription, or $11.16/m for an annual/yearly subscription.


Hopefully, you have already started using a free Grammarly premium account on your device. If an account expires, in that case, you can again collect a new account from this webpage for free.

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