InstaULTRA APK Download v2.0 For Android

If you are a social media lover and like to share personal memories, then you must be a fan of Instagram. This is a very popular social media that is used just for sharing photos and videos. From the real Insta, you can only watch videos and photos. You will not be able to download them.


But there is a simple solution to this problem. And the solution is InstaULTRA app. By making just a few clicks from your Android or iOS device, you will be able to download all your favorite photos and videos from Instagram. Mainly, it’s an alternative to GB Insta.

Basically, InstaULTRA is an Android mod application. The founder of this outstanding popular app Sommer Damous. It has been designed especially for Instagram. This amazing Android application helps you to easily download images and videos from the original app.

You can also download and save your desired photos and videos in any format you want. And you can save them in your phone memory or SD Card. By using this InstaULTRA version, you will be able to get many amazing features that you will not get from the original app.

Current Versionv 2.0
Size40.8 MB
Released22 Feb 2022

Use the application to enjoy a lot of amazing features.

It is similar to the Black Instagram application.

Features of InstaULTRA

The Insta ULTRA is full of surprises. This Android app has so many interesting features which will make your personal experience much more pleasurable. These useful facts of this app will take your Instagram time to the next level of enjoyment.

Let’s get to know the great features of this app,

Save videos and images: Instagram is full of beautiful photos and videos. We love to look at them and sometimes want to save them. But this app doesn’t allow us to do that. But the InstaULTRA application does.

Save Instagram stories: Just like Facebook, Instagram also has a stories option. People post their beautiful stories here. But the problem with these stories is that they vanish just after 24 hours. Sometimes some stories touch our hearts, and we want to watch them again and again.

The Insta ULTRA is here to help with this wish. You can also download and save any stories you want. The process is just the same. And it doesn’t too much time.

Copy profile bio: This is another interesting feature. Sometimes we just fall in love with some people’s bio. You can copy now any profile bio using this app. Then it is up to you to use or modify that bio as yours.

Copy comments: Using this app you can copy any comments if you really like them. Maybe, it’s a cool feature of this.

Download from a private account: There are many Instagram account which is in private mode. Let alone download their images, you can’t even see their photos and videos if they don’t accept your follow request.

There is an option in this app by which you can download any picture or video from any private Instagram GB account. Even if you are not following them, it is possible with the mod version of this application.

Use the customized Instagram theme: Here is another interesting feature. From the InstaULTRA theme store, you can select a customized theme for your Instagram interface. This feature makes your personal experience a little bit more personalized and a little less boring.

You will enjoy a new interface every time you change the theme.

Final Words

The ease of use and instant photo sharing and communicating features made Instagram a hot favorite social media among all ages of people. But there is a slight little problem with the original version. This is a pretty interesting social media app.

InstaULTRA APK makes it even more interesting by giving much more advantages to the users. For the added benefits and personal touch, you should definitely install this application on your mobile phone.