SendFox Review | Add Email Subscription To WordPress

I wrote a SendFox review for those people, who are looking for the simple, clean and best email subscriber tool for their WordPress or Blogger site. There are available many plugins and custom forms to collect emails.


But by using a plugin it can be seen that our website becomes very slow. So I personally think plugins should be used as little as possible. And this SendFox email marketing tool can be used without any plugin.

Let me show some benefits that you will get when you will use it.

  • Very simple and clean subscriber form with GDPR
  • Collect emails through your site for marketing
  • No problem with integration
  • No plugins required
  • An HTML code that you have to just copy/paste

The best thing is that I also use SendFox for collecting emails.


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SendFox Review

SendFox is an email marketing tool. It helps bloggers to collect email addresses from their websites and make great campaigns with an auto customization email template.

After completing a campaign perfectly, emails go straight to the subscriber’s primary inbox. So there’s a huge opportunity to open your email and go to your website or YouTube channel.

Even you will able to the analytics of your whole subscribers or contact list. It is best for bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers who want to convert followers to customers. This tool is a sister product of the Sumo Group.

SendFox Features

Before starting to use any tool you should read all features from this SendFox review article. Personally, I loved their features. But today I will mention some of the features for you below.

So that when you will use this tool for your work, you can touch these features too.

Unlimited Forms

Build unlimited very simple and clean subscriber forms with GDPR. After creating a form, the SendFox will give you an HTML code that you have to copy and paste on your website.

create subscriber form

Landing Pages

The task of the landing page is to determine what viewers will see after signup. It can be customized as desired.

landing page

Create Unlimited Email

Before starts a new campaign, in the section you can create unlimited email templates for your different contents. Even you can schedule a time to send mail later if you want.

Create Automation Series

It will help you to create automation for a particular list. In here you will able to add subscribers to any automation and also can pause automation.

Create List

For collecting emails from your website or anywhere, you can create a new list with a unique title name. That will help you to understand that where did the subscribers come from.

If you have already a subscribers list, then you will be able to do upload CSV files or can auto-import from Mailchimp.

upload csv file

Create Contacts

You can create contacts with email and the names of anyone. When I collect an email from a specific website, I add the contact here for email marketing. Hope, you got the point that how it will help you much.

create contact

How To Add Email Subscription To WordPress

Since there is no plugin required to install this tool on the website, so you need to read a guide from below to find out how to add it to the WordPress site.

Step1: Go to the widget bar from the site’s appearance.


Step 2: Add the “Custom HTML” widget in the sidebar.

custom html

Step 3: Now paste the code, which you got after creating a form and hit the save button.

paste code

After doing this job, it will certainly come to the mind how to monitor subscribers, right?

Ok, let’s find the answer to this question.

How To Analyze Subscribers

You can monitor your whole subscribers in 2 ways. One is directly from the list and another is direct from the campaign. But for the first, we will know how to monitors subscribers from the list option.

Step 1: Go to “List” from SendFox.

Step 2: You will get the report about how many subscribers are there now, who is unsubscribe, and many more. See the image below for great understanding.

analyze subscribers

Now we will know the 2nd way that’s available in the campaign section.

Step 1: Go to “Email” from the SendFox dashboard.

Step 2: Here you get the analytics report. See the image below for a better understand.

analyze email subscribers

The analytics feature will help you to remove inactive subscribers.

How Much Does SendFox Cost

They are now offering 3 pricing plans with 60days money-back guarantee.

  • Single: $49 for Lifetime Deal and up to 5,000 subscribers
  • Double: $98 for Lifetime Deal and up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Multiple: $147 for Lifetime Deal and up to 15000 subscribers

If you purchase SendFox with a lifetime deal, then you will get some features from them.

  • Free update for future
  • Lifetime access
  • 60days money-back guarantee

So I recommend you purchase for a lifetime.

SendFox vs Mailchimp

No, there is no chance to compare with SendFox vs Mailchimp. MailChimp has a lot of features, which may not available in the SendFox. But Mailchimp costs too much. Because of this, new bloggers or marketers cannot reach out to their goals.

But look at SendFox now. By it, we can do email marketing at a very low cost. Even also we get it for a lifetime. If we can do our core work for a small expense, why don’t we select SendFox?

That’s why I recommend it if you really like simple forms and want to make great email marketing.


It is really a great and easy email marketing tool for people. Many people are getting frustrated about email marketing platforms. They actually don’t know which software will be suitable best for his/her.

This is why I have written a SendFox review above with lots of information.