Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working Problem

YouTube Vanced not working, or have you face any loading/crashing problem with it?


Then, don’t worry now. You are in the right place to get the perfect solution to this problem. This problem can happen when you’ll try to add a new or old Google account here, will delete the app’s file, if a file will be missing, or something else.

Basically, in order to install this Vanced app, you need to install the microG app first. And then you get the Vanced download file. But since this task is a bit of a hassle for many, they make mistakes when installing.

As a result, this app doesn’t work. In many cases, it can be installed but the app stops working due to various bug problems.


How To Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working Problem

Let’s learn how to fix this problem easily and smoothly run this video-sharing platform.

1st Step: Open the phone settings and go to the apps section.

2nd Step: Search for the YT Vanced application and open it.

3rd Step: Clear the data and cache files from here.

4th Step: Reopen the application and use it.

If the above method doesn’t work, follow the alternative method now.

1st Step: Uninstall the exit Vanced and microG application from your device.

2nd Step: Enable the Unknown Source option from mobile settings.

3rd Step: Now, download the latest YouTube Vanced Android or microG app.

4th Step: Install and use this social platform now.

That’s it. By using the above any method, you can smoothly run this and watch videos.


Hope, already you’ve solved the YouTube Vanced not working problem as well following the above ways. Even in the future, if you have problems Vanced crashing, network error, not loading, etc. do the above again.

This will solve the problem and you will be able to use it freely on your device.

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