Granny MOD Menu APK Download v1.7.9 For Android

Granny MOD Menu APK is now available for Android users. In this game, Granny will lock you in one of her horrible homes. Basically, you have to run away from that horrible house to survive.


But you have to be careful not to let any furniture or anything fall to the floor while fleeing. Because she hears everything. If she hears something, she will come forward to finish you. In that case, you can hide under the bed or wardrobes.

You will only get 5 days to get out of this house. Also, there are many more features in this Granny MOD Menu latest version, which are enough to catch your mind. For playing this survival game, download it now.

And enjoy your own time with the horror feel of this Granny MOD Menu game.

NameGranny MOD
Current Versionv 1.7.9
Size99.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
TasksArcade game
Released22 Nov 2021

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Remember again, you will only get 5 days to get out of this horrible house.

Granny MOD Menu Features

Easy to play: The interface and interior design of the game have been done in a very beautiful way. So that a new player is able to play the game without any hassle without any help from anyone. That means this game is as easy to play as any other game.

Graphics: The graphics of the Granny MOD Menu game have been kept realistic. Doors, windows, or all the furniture in the house looks like real. Also, all the characters (Granny, Grandpa, Slendrina, Teddy, Slendrina’s Mom, Spider, Slendrina’s Child, and victim) in the game are kept in 3D.

Key: There are many types of keys available. Such as Master Key, Special Key, Car Key, Safe Key, Playhouse Key, Padlock Key, Weapon Key, etc. Using all these keys you can easily unlock the doors and exit the room one by one.

Immortal: Usually, if you make a noise while running away from home, Granny will come and kill you. But if you play the game using the mod version, you will be immortal. That means she can’t kill you and you can get out of the house easily.

Unlimited days: In the original game, you will only get 5 days to escape from home. That is, if you do not escape within these 5 days, Granny will find you and kill you. But in this latest version, you can hide inside the house for more than 5 days.

Horror sound and music: Different types of sound effects and music are added to the game to further enhance the playing experience of any game. For the same reason, different types of horror sounds and music have been added to this Granny MOD Menu game. This will give you an exciting experience.

100% safe: The game is completely safe and legal to play on your Android phone.

Granny MOD Menu Review

I have been looking for a horror game for a long time now so that I can get a thrilling feeling.

Once upon a time, I found this Granny MOD Menu through a friend. Immediately install it on my device and start playing. The game basically traps the main character in a room and gives him 5 days to escape from the house.

And there is one more character, whose name is Granny. If there is a sound of touch on any furniture while fleeing from the house, then the character will immediately come to kill the main character. This is the main plot of the game.

Although the plot is simple, there are many mysteries.

The Granny MOD Menu currently has two sequels. The 2nd sequel has been released on September 6, 2019. While Sequel 1 only has Granny, Sequel 2 has Grandpa. And you have to run away from both of them to finish this puzzle game.


Almost everyone loves to play games to spend their free time.

And I hope you have already downloaded and installed the Granny MOD Menu APK on your mobile phone. And started playing to get a horrible feeling. But keep in mind, if you play the free version you will see a lot of ads.

And if you don’t want to see Ed, start playing this mode version now.