KineMaster Diamond vs KineMaster Difference

KineMaster diamond and the official KineMaster application both are different video editors. The diamond version is the modified version developed by an unofficial developer and the original is the real version developed by NexStreaming company.


In the KM diamond, you will find exactly the same features that you have to spend money on to get in the original application. Basically, some of the source code of the original app has been customized and made free to the general public.

However, for ease of understanding, some differences are discussed below.

KineMaster Diamond vs KineMaster

No watermark: In the KineMaster diamond Android app, you can easily edit video without getting any watermark logo. But in the original free version, you’ll get a watermark logo in the edited video.


Chroma key: This is an ultimate premium feature that can be enjoyed on the diamond application. Using it, you can remove the background of a video. Unfortunately, it’s not available in the real app.

Themes: White, Pink, Dark, 3D, Animation, and many types of themes are available in the theme store. You will enjoy it when you’ll use the KM diamond editor. In the original one, themes are limited.

Asset Store: Get unlimited fonts, themes, effects, editing tools, and other premium features completely free from this mod app. This is a paid feature that is not available in the free version of the original app.

Editing tools: Cut, trim, text or video, video and audio layers, music or voice record, filters, themes, and other editing tools are available and most common in both video editing tools.

Is KineMaster Diamond Better Than KineMaster

It depends actually.

If you have enough money in your pocket, then I recommend you go for the original application. Because in the original one there is no risk actually. But it doesn’t mean the KineMaster diamond app is not safe. Both video editors are completely safe, secure, and legal.

For any reason, if you have no money, then use the diamond version or modified version on your Android phone. Both provide the same premium features. But in the mod version, you’ll get free. And in the paid version, you’ve to spend money to get them.

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