5 Easiest Social Media To Make Money Online

Most Internet users use social networks for their daily activities. But there are very few people who want to use the easiest social media to make money online. If you’re one of those few people, don’t worry.


Because I have shared in this article how you can make a lot of money for each month. Since social media platforms are very popular now and are used by most people, so without extra trouble we can easily earn money through our intelligence.

And with this income, you can cover your monthly expenses very well. But before starting the main thing, we will know why we will choose social media for income.

  • A lot of people use social media
  • Direct contact with customers or clients
  • Global business can be done

Easiest Social Media To Make Money

Now let’s see how we can make money by using social media. But yes, you must work smartly if you want to put some cash in your pocket.


1. Facebook


It is the best and most popular social media platform around the world. There are about 4.5 billion users worldwide. That is, you understand what a great opportunity it is to make money by using Facebook. Well, let’s see some of the ways below.

  • Sell products through a page
  • Earn money using Facebook group
  • By Instant Articles

Sell products: You can sell products in 2 ways. One is, by promoting the product of Amazon or other company or selling your own product. And if you sell your product through Facebook, we can call it F-Commerce, which is similar to e-Commerce.

Use Facebook group: If you have a very active FB group, then it is a great opportunity to make money through your group members. You can sell any clothing, jewelry item or anything else to your group members. You can even get sponsorships that fit your group’s category.

Instant Articles: Share the content of your website on your Facebook page as an Instant Article, and then the Facebook authorities will advertise within your article. When a user will click on an advertisement while reading your shared post, you will earn money for each click.

So, make a website now if you do not have yet.

2. Twitter


Twitter is a social microblogging website that lets you share the very small posts with your followers. Many businessmen use this social media every day for their works. That’s why according to our specific task, we can easily get clients from here.

Below are a few ways where you’ll learn how to get a task and make money at home.

  • Clients available
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Support to customer

Clients available: Many buyers post on Twitter that he/she wants a freelancer that he/she will work for his project. If you want to get such this type of job Tweet on your account, then you can use the hashtag (Ex: Need a graphic designer, Want to hire digital marketer, etc) to find clients for your business.

For that, you can use the search box.

Affiliate marketing: You can earn directly by promoting affiliate products. There are many companies that allow you to share affiliate links directly with your Twitter followers. Or you can earn also by selling your own product by giving ads.

Support to the customer: You can be connected with your clients or customer directly about your service or daily activities. Even, you can connect also with those people who love to share the latest business strategy.

3. YouTube


YouTube is the best and most popular video-sharing social media. Here, people can share their funny, learning, etc videos with people. If you are passionate about creating video content, YouTube may be a unique revenue earner for you.

However, you need to work in a specific niche or category. But do not make content about hacking, cracking, pirate stuff, etc. Because these types of niches are against the rules of YouTube.

If you work with these things by breaking the rules of YouTube, the YouTube authority will suspend your channel. Anyway, below I have said a few good ideas that you can work from now.

  • Technology
  • Funny or comedy video
  • Education
  • Science fiction
  • Music
  • Gaming
  • Vlogs
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty and health
  • Product reviews

At present, the cost of using the Internet is very low. Almost every person uses YouTube for entertainment or to meet their daily needs. This is why this video-sharing platform is ranked #2 among all the sites in the world.

So I can say that you will make a very good income from it.

4. Instagram


Instagram is more popular among photo-sharing sites. Since most people use it now, so you can build it as a good income source if you want. But you must have plenty of followers in your account.

Income will come mainly through followers. So if you still don’t have the expected follower, start work today to grow the followers. Below I have shared a few ideas. Using them you can easily earn money.

  • By getting sponsorship
  • Promotes a brand name or products
  • Sell own T-Shirts

Many more ideas you can make for making money with Instagram.

5. Pinterest


All over the world, most females use this image-sharing social media. On Pinterest, people share pictures they have created or captured on the phone.

If you are a graphics designer, then create beautiful pictures or if you love traveling, take pictures of travel or if you love to eat food, take pictures of food and share with your followers on Pinterest.

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But the thing is, how to make money by utilizing this popular social media. Below I have mentioned a few ways that you can earn as well by using Pinterest.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • By selling products
  • Promote your own brand

Affiliate marketing: You can add a product affiliate link on images that you want to share on Pinterest. When a visitor clicks on the image you provide and goes to the product’s website and purchases the product, then you will receive a commission for it.

By selling products: I assume you have a jewelry store. In this case, you can create many types of jewelry related images and share them on Pinterest. And in place of a link, you can provide the web address of your shop. This way you will get the customer without any hassle.

Promote your own brand: If you have a brand or your client’s brand, you can target Pinterest as a way to promote your brand. In this case, you can share images on this social platform by making several pictures on the topic of your business or brand.

This way as your brand value increases so will increase your customer also.


Currently, there are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more, where many people around the world use them for their daily work.

Just like every social media owner can earn money from the platform they created, ordinary people also can use the easiest social media to make money with their own strategy.