How To Create Pinterest Business Account For Free

I have written a tutorial that how to create Pinterest business account for free. Compare to Pinterest’s personal account it can be seen that a business account has many features and tools that help to grow your business more.


So let’s get started.

What Is Pinterest

According to 2020, Pinterest is one of the greatest social media platforms that has over 365 million users monthly. 71% of Pinterest users worldwide are female.

About 80% of people in the United States make buying decisions from Pinterest before buying something. That is why different companies choose Pinterest for marketing and product sales.


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Benefits Of Business Account

  • It’s free and easy to use
  • Drive huge traffic to the website
  • Analytics for monitoring pins and traffic
  • Rich pins for own website
  • Promote your pins

And more features you will get.

How To Create Pinterest Business Account

  1. At first, go here and fill the form with email and password.
  2. Now click on the “create account” button.

Done, you have successfully created a business account. Now, do customize according to your business or website.

Convert Personal Account To Business Account

If you want to convert your personal account to a business account, then follow the simple steps below.

  1. Log in to your account from the website or application.
  2. Go here and fill the form with business name, website, business type.
  3. After that click the “create account” button.

Done, now you will get all the features for free.

Business Account vs Personal Account

There is a huge difference between personal accounts and business accounts. Some important points are given here.

Pinterest Business Account

  • Has audience analytics
  • Rich pins option
  • Promotepins to get more visitors
  • Buyable tag button

Pinterest Personal Account

  • No analytics option
  • A website cannot be claimed
  • No rich pin features

Actually, personal account for normal users and business account for webmasters or marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Most asked questions and answers,

Business Account Cost?

It’s completely free. But if you want to promote any pins of yours, then you have to pay.


Pinterest is now the most popular photo-sharing website. Also, people can save other images as a pin. Since it has many users, so every marketers and webmaster want to grow their business with this social media.

But with a personal account, you will not able to understand about audience and your Pinterest activity. That’s why you have to create Pinterest business account for yours. In the above, I have shared a tutorial and I’ve said a lot more about it.

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