Blog Income Reports 2021 | They Earned $141,646/Month

Many bloggers are publishing their blog income reports for their visitors to get motivation and start their own careers in the blogging sector. Even also I got motivated by reading many bloggers report posts and finally,


I have started a website for mine. I thought that too since I have benefited and I am earning, so I tell everyone about it. So I was decided to collect everyone’s monthly income report and present it to my visitors.

Yeah, I have collected many reports from their website.

Which you will get from here?



  • Total number of visitors
  • One month income
  • Blog niche
  • Reference
  • Author name

Got the point, right?

Let’s started,

Blog Income Reports

But before starting I want to say something about my blog income. Basically, I do not share my report through this MineRev website. So if you want to know how much I earn per month from this website, then you have to contact me.

Now let’s go to see.

1. Adam Enfroy

He launched his blog in January 2019 and in a short time, he succeeded. The below report has been taken from his February 2020 post.

More information will be added near future.

2. Believe In a Budget

This report has been taken from her blog and it is her July 2018 report.

She did not publish any income report of her after July 2018.

3. The Female Business

The following is a report of how much she earned in 2019.

The most interesting fact is that it is her 6th month’s income from the blog.

4. Anastasia Blogger

The founder of this website is basically a Pinterest expert and a full-time blogger.

  • Total visitors: 152,305
  • Income: $8,336
  • Niche: Make money, blogging, Pinterest tips and more
  • Reference:
  • Author: Anastasia

After 10 months of her blog, she left 9 to 5 jobs and take this blog more seriously.

5. Stray Curls

She made the money in just the 6th month of blogging.

  • Total visitors: 14,656
  • Income: $3451
  • Niche: SEO, online business, productivity and more
  • Reference:
  • Author: Angela

She focuses on creativity.

6. The Million Dollar Mama

I have collected them below information from her blog.

  • Total visitors: N/A
  • Income: $5680
  • Niche: Money, healthy living, family and more
  • Reference:
  • Author: Ashli

Unfortunately, she does not share any income report on her website now.

7. Simple Life Of A Lady

This is her first earning from the blog.

  • Total visitors: 35,868
  • Income: $297
  • Niche: Blogging, productivity and more
  • Reference:
  • Author: Em

An earning report makes the motivation for new bloggers. That’s why she shared.

8. Seaside Sundays

She is a mom and has two girls. She manages some time for blogging and making money online.

She has made this money throughout the year.

9. By Laura Iancu

The founder of the blog is a writer and designer. She made this website for spending her time.

  • Total visitors: N/A
  • Income: $246
  • Niche: Make money, blogging and more
  • Reference:
  • Author: Laura

She made this money in the first month with a brand new blog.

10. Easy Baby Life

It is a baby blog that shares all tips for babies and moms.

She made this website for helping new parents.

11. Arts and Classy

She loves to draw something about anything. After decided to spread her arts to the world, she made this website.

Now she helps newbie people to learn arts and design.

12. Practical Wanderlust

Currently, two people are leading this travel blog.

They earn most of the money from the affiliate program.


To create your motivation and start your own business in the IT sector, I have shared the blogger’s blog income reports above. So that you do not become frustrated when you manage or do not make enough money from your blog.

Because, every time you fail, you will know the reality and learn something new.

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  1. This is such an interesting and motivating post. I love finding new income reports to read and seeing how other bloggers are doing. I haven’t read some of these so will definitely have to check them out.

    Also, thanks so much for including my post on this list.

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